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Entry #5


2010-01-13 23:13:37 by IggyR

Okay... I just created a new charater named Sgt. Johnathan McSmiley... He has no mouth, strangely expressive black eye-hole looking things, and is prone to bouts of irrational behaivior. If I ever make a picture that isn't completely worthless and my scanner stops being bitchy, I might just upload a picture. In the meantime, I am doodling his smug self all over my schoolwork, making my teachers very pissed off.

On a side note, I am going to try to forget about Person 3174a. It was weird how I really truely loved them... and hated them at the same time. They were such a fucking asshole. So... I am setting them aside, not really caring about them. I tried, I failed. They don't care. I hope they remember me when they fall into a ditch full of poisoned spikes... and if they don't, I will remember to put a little poster in the pit saying I did it.


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