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2010-01-13 23:13:37 by IggyR

Okay... I just created a new charater named Sgt. Johnathan McSmiley... He has no mouth, strangely expressive black eye-hole looking things, and is prone to bouts of irrational behaivior. If I ever make a picture that isn't completely worthless and my scanner stops being bitchy, I might just upload a picture. In the meantime, I am doodling his smug self all over my schoolwork, making my teachers very pissed off.

On a side note, I am going to try to forget about Person 3174a. It was weird how I really truely loved them... and hated them at the same time. They were such a fucking asshole. So... I am setting them aside, not really caring about them. I tried, I failed. They don't care. I hope they remember me when they fall into a ditch full of poisoned spikes... and if they don't, I will remember to put a little poster in the pit saying I did it.

I am the awsome, yes?

2009-12-26 22:52:17 by IggyR

Okay we went to somebody's house for this Dirty Santa party... You know, the one where you choose a gift, and then everybody tries to take it from you and you get real pissed? Well I got off good with this one... 1 bottle of wine, courtesy of the Aussies. I'm not really a wine guy, but hey! Alcohol!

I also got to try a little Bacardi Lemonade stuff, and man it was GOOD! I stole a bottle. =P Mix a little of that with the lemon-y rum I have at home and I'm gonna have a really sweet Christmas and a bangin new year. Hope you little motherfuckers are havin a drugged up time too.

I am the awsome, yes?


2009-12-25 11:22:57 by IggyR

I got a backpack and "normal" clothes. Yay.

Damn humans!

2009-12-25 05:36:34 by IggyR


I swear, the next time somebody fucks aroung with my laptop, they are goint to get a combat knife in the face.


2009-12-19 15:26:38 by IggyR

I am really freaking tired of this shit. My personalities are at war again, this time brought about by the actuall me. I struck the first blow, temporarily killing off Zak Feld. For now, Ignacious Romanov (me) is in control. The Kaiser is currently taking a break from his evil plots to destroy me, and Wolfy is playing around in the woods, eating the face off of some rabbit. Acording to MTAC, my life is fucked up right now.

I will pull through this, without help.